International Best Actress Winner Anna Luna stars in Tayo Sa Huling Buwan ng Taon, showing May 8

Five Continents International Film Festival Best Actress Winner Anna Luna (for Maestra) is co-leading the pack of independent film actors in Nestor Abrogena’s Tayo Sa Huling Buwan ng Taon. The film about former lovers reconnecting and finding their own selves is showing nationwide starting May 8, 2019. This is supposedly the sequel to Abrogena’s 2015 film, Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa picking up the romantic timeline 5 years after. Luna is now being paired with Nicco Manalo. Completing the casts are Alex Vincent Medina and Emmanuelle Vera. Indie thespian Star Orjaliza is also part of the stellar cast. 
Tayo Sa Huling Buwan ng Taon is produced by TBA Studios (the makers of megahit Heneral Luna among others). TBA Studios is an independent film production company dedicated to making high quality films and promoting Filipino filmmakers worldwide. TBA also runs one of the most successful microcinemas in the country, the Cinema 76.
Anna Luna, who was also nominated best actress at the 2018 Philadelphia Independent Film Awards (PIFA) (for her performance in the 2018 independent film Maestra), has also done a similar romantic chamber drama, the screen adaptation of Vince De Jesus’ stage musical Changing Partners in 2017.  Luna will be next featured this August for Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2019’s Ani: The Harvest.
Nicco Manalo and Emmanuelle Vera reunite and reprise their original roles as former lovers Sam and Isa. The Red Carpet World Premiere was held at the UP Film Center in Diliman, Quezon City on May 6, 2019. 

Here’s the Official Trailer of Nestor Abrogena’s Tayo Sa Huling Buwan ng Taon: A 

FOX produces its first local film “Maledicto”

Some of my all-time favorite series were produced by FOX – 24, Fringe, The Sarah Connor Chronicles to name a few. So I got pretty interested when it was reported that FOX produced a film locally. 
Fox Networks Group Philippines is poised to give us a good scare with its first-ever locally-produced horror film Maledicto, set to show in cinemas nationwide this coming May 1. Co-produced by Cignal Entertainment and Unitel, and directed by Mark Meily, Maledicto is a chilling tale that will surely get under your skin. 
Senior Vice President and General Manager of FOX Networks Group Philippines, Jude Turcuato, shares his excitement for the upcoming film:
“Maledicto is a really big feat for FNG, being the first ever film we’ve produced locally, with an all-Filipino cast at that. With Maledicto under our belt, we’re hoping to elevate Filipino cinema to one of a Hollywood pedigree.”
Maledicto stars Tom Rodriguez as Father Xavi, a former psychologist who becomes a skeptical exorcist following the tragic death of his sister, Mara (played by Inah de Belen). He meets Sister Barbie (played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a young nun who has the gift of charism (I had to look this one up and it means “grace or talent granted by God to a special person”.  Together, they face the case of Agnes (Miles Ocampo), a seemingly perfect teenager who starts manifesting demonic behavior that rocks the foundations of the church. 
Other cast members include Eric Quizon, Martin Escudero, Franco Laurel, Nonie Buencamino, Liza Lorena, and Menggie Cobarrubias. 
The lead actors have also expressed enthusiasm on being part of FOX’s first film, saying it was an opportunity to play roles that stray from the norm of romance and loveteams. They have happily accepted the challenge, and are excited to bring the characters to life.
Turcuato adds, “We have always prided ourselves in creating original content that would speak to our audience on a personal level, and I feel that Maledicto will do just that, because faith and belief are things that are innate in almost everyone. More than a horror movie, it is an invitation to look inside ourselves and assess what we truly believe in. We hope that this film will offer a fresh perspective.”
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Starbucks unveils ‘A Day in The Island’ collection, new frappuccinos for Summer 2019

This year, summer was welcomed by Starbucks PH via an island carnival event dubbed as the Siren’s Island. New drinks, food items, merchandise, and card designs were unveiled along with the announcement of the rollout of reusable cups and straws (yey!).
Starting April 9th, Starbucks is serving a new set of beverages that every dessert lover would love – the Triple Mocha Frappuccino, Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino, and the Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino. And for those who want to feel the tropical vibes, Starbucks also offers a limited-time beverage that is perfect for the scorching PH summer – the Mixed Berry Frappuccino with Pomegranate Pearls. The smooth and fruity beverage is made with mixed berry sauce blended with velvety milk topped with cream.
Starbucks Card collectors have two new card designs to watch out for – the Popsicle Card and a Botanical Card. Both are available for an initial activation fee of P300.
There will also be new Starbucks merchandise to help you feel summer-ready wherever you go. The ‘A Day in The Island’ collection transports customers straight to the beach with its gradient designs depicting island scenes from sunrise to sunset and tropical plants.
And finally, a double star promo is scheduled for Mobile App users for the following dates when you order the specified drink of the day:
April 9 Triple Mocha Frappuccino blended beverage
April 10 Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino blended beverage
April 11 Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino blended beverage
April 12 Mixed Berry Frappuccino
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38th Season of Survivor now airs on JackTV

Emmy Award-winning reality competition, Survivor is now on its 38th season. Themed “Edge of Extinction,” this season features 14 new castaways divided into two equal tribes, the Manu Tribe and the Kama Tribe. With four returning players taking a second shot at the game. The returning castaways are Joe Anglim (“Worlds Apart,” “Second Chance”), Aubry Bracco (“Kaoh Rong,” “Game Changers”), Kelley Wentworth (“Second Chance,” “San Juan del Sur”) and David Wright (“Millennials vs. Gen-X”). 
A new twist to this season is the introduction of the island known as “Edge of Extinction,” which severely tests the will of the castaways to be the Sole Survivor and what they are willing to endure to make that happen. Those who can endure the emotionally and physically difficult challenge will be given a shot for one of them to get back in the game and continue their quest to be the ultimate winner.
“Survivor continues to reinvent itself with new energy, and this season we’ve added a new secret game-changing twist,” said executive producer and host Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst. “After being voted out, players will be faced with a decision to either go home or go to the ‘Edge of Extinction,’ where they will be pushed further than ever before for a chance to get back in the game.”
These new and returning castaways will be forced to compete against each other with the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay and outlast each other, and in the end, only one will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor. The show films in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, and is hosted by Jeff Probst.
Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs every Thursday via satellite at 3PM with a primetime telecast at 8PM exclusively on JackTV.
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JackTV is seen on SKYcable Ch. 51, Cignal Ch. 126, Cablelink Ch. 36, GSAT Ch. 61 and EasyTV Ch. 2. 

5 Plus Introduces New Crop of ESports and Gaming Talents

After its recent launch as the go-to sports channel for a younger and more engaged free TV audience, 5 Plus will now amplify its gaming content by introducing a dynamic set of esports and gaming talents to help navigate viewers as well as solidify the channel as the home of gaming in the Philippines.
For the first-ever esports franchise league in the country called The Nationals, a full-scale commentary team made up of the best local esports casters will follow the action, game after game. 
For the ongoing DOTA 2 leg, Sam Nopueto (Wolf), Aries Alejandro (Kalbz), Neil de Guzman (Midnight), Jaz Comoda (Heneral Tuna), and Rain Manaig (Rain) will be at the helm. 
Meanwhile, the upcoming Tekken leg will feature Ron Muyot (Hot-E), Poch Estrada (_pochspice), Paul Fuentes (Poru), and Pica Lozano (Pica); While Manjean Faldas (Manjean), Shin Boo Ponferrada (Sh1n Boo), Gian Bernardino (Ilustrado), Em Dangla (Kaisaya) and Lhea Lei Pelaez (Yasumeow) will highlight the action for Mobile Legends.
The Nationals esports correspondents Eileen Shi, Alyzza Taylor, Mika Fabella, Tonie Moreno, and Dan ‘Leo’ Cubangay will join the casters in each game day as the league’s version of courtside reporters. With their mix of hosting and reporting backgrounds from both sports and gaming programs, the correspondents will be in the middle of all the action, giving updates and reactions straight from the trenches.  
The Nationals will be aired every Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 4PM to 7PM, and Saturday & Sundays 10AM to 1PM.
And finally, 5 Plus introduces six new VJs that will anchor the channel’s gaming content: Gino Quillamor takes time off from his DJ duties (and his PC) to get in front of the camera for 5 Plus; Host and commercial model Bea Benedicto brings in her own brand of energy; And content creator and TV personality Kim Cruz takes on VJ duties for a new and exciting audience.
Brand presenter and former MTV VJ Jodie Tarasek may be new to the 5 Plus family, but is no doubt an avid gamer herself; Host and commercial model Ariana Conechado will make 5 Plus her next stop; And host and Mobile Legends streamer RJ Arroyo takes on a bigger and more animated gaming audience.
Catch them throughout the day as they talk about all things esports and gaming only on 5 Plus.

Empowered women and the technology that powers them

Women’s Month celebrates the strength and savvy of empowered women—and raises awareness that women can be strong and successful. In a world where mobile technology is a growth catalyst, Burlesque.Ph and Open Now’s Trisha O’Bannon sat down with Argomall to share how she uses technology to provide a safe space for sex education, and tell us how she chooses her devices. (WATCH the video interview here:
Trisha O’Bannon
A 24-year-old writer by profession, O’Bannon is part of Burlesque.Ph advocates for sex positivity, body positivity and women’s and LGBTQ rights. She started an alternative sex education platform with one of her friends called Now Open, “where Filipino youths—especially female Filipino youths or queer Filipino youths—can learn about sex education that’s totally lacking in schools or their families.”
At she advocates for “a woman’s choice to do with her body what she wants, and it’s such a great roster of beautiful, strong, empowered women” with “different body types, different aesthetics, different personalities.” 
O’Bannon and a friend of hers are building the Open Now website, “but, at the moment, we’re operating over Twitter,” their “platform of choice.” 
“These advocacies are actually very personal to me, since I’m obviously a woman and I’m part of the LGBTQ community.” 
O’Bannon told Argomall that “what keeps me going is I have people messaging me on Twitter, usually very, very young girls who are not even of age—usually 16 or 17—telling me that they’re so scared to be judged by their families, or, even worse, disowned or hurt by their families because of these feelings that they have that are completely normal.” 
For her, the Women’s Month celebration “recognizes that women are at a disadvantaged position in society. It brings more awareness to people who might not realize that it’s a problem.” 
O’Bannon uses technology pass on her learning: “Now we’re at an age where information is so readily available and it’s not so much an issue of access to information as knowing where to look and knowing which people to trust.” 
She asks people she trusts for advice before buying a phone: “I have a friend that, no matter what he recommends to me, I basically take it because I trust him and he knows what he’s talking about.” At Argomall, our Argonauts are eager to help online tech shoppers find the perfect device for them.
O’Bannon replaces her smartphone every two years. “Battery life is very important for me,” she said. “I’m a very heavy user of my phone—data’s on all the time, full brightness—so I need it to be able to last very long.”  Processing speed is also important, and “a nice camera wouldn’t hurt.” 
When shopping online, she told Argomall, “take your time. Don’t rush your decisions. That applies in real life as well. Learn as much as you can so that when you make your decision, you’re making it with confidence.”
A decade from now, O’Bannon mused, she would like to be remembered “as someone who was at the forefront of women being more sexually empowered, or at least less judgmental about women who are sexually empowered.”
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Starbucks and HOUSE Foundation partnership fosters bigger dreamers

(L-R) Partners from House Foundation: Ariel Mabini, Clariza Capili, Romeo Tapay and Roemil Formalejo.

Inside its stores, Starbucks has cultivated a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome, while outside of its stores; it has always strived to create a positive impact in the lives of its partners (employees) and the communities it serves.
When it comes to its partners, Starbucks nurtures their talents and passion and empowers them to fearlessly pursue their dreams.  
Roemil Formalejo, a beneficiary from the HOUSE Foundation, is one of these dreamers. As a program scholar, Roemil was able to continue his college education and because of the foundation’s partnership with the brand, was given an opportunity to work as a Starbucks barista. 
According to Roemil (or Roy), his experiences at Messy Bessy, the business sector of HOUSE Foundation, and at Starbucks molded him into a better person, “Noon, ang liit ng tingin ko sa sarili ko at sa pangarap ko. Before, gusto ko ganito lang, pero na-realize ko na dapat hindi ko nili-limit ‘yung sarili ko o ‘yung pangarap ko. Kasi alam ko na naman na nahubog na ‘yung sarili ko, doon na ’ko nagkaroon ng mas mataas na pangarap [Before, I thought lowly of myself and my dreams. For me, they were okay, but soon I realized that I should not limit myself and my dreams. When I had already molded myself that was when I had higher hopes].” 
Roemil is just one of a few chosen HOUSE Foundation beneficiaries who was welcomed into Starbucks. Under both HOUSE Foundation and Starbucks, the learners are equipped with important work skills and positive values.
Since 2017, Starbucks and HOUSE Foundation have partnered to support two batches of learners. With the two organizations’ strong advocacy for education, the beneficiaries have also come to realize the value of receiving proper education. 
For Ariel Mabini, another HOUSE Foundation learner working at Starbucks 6750 Ayala, education was the least of his priorities before he became a scholar of the foundation. As the eldest son, Ariel had always focused on working to provide for his family without much interest in continuing his college education. However, this all changed when his brother, also a HOUSE Foundation beneficiary, suggested that he apply as a scholar. Since then, Ariel has managed to find the perfect balance between school and work. He has even excelled as a partner, winning several employee awards including the ‘Be Welcoming Partner’, ‘Best in Customer Support’, and ‘Partner of the Year’, and is set to graduate in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management from Manila Business College.
Though from separate branches, both Ariel and his batch-mate Romeo Tapay, have been recognized by Starbucks for their can-do attitude and dedication. After graduating with a degree in Accounting, Romeo has continued to serve as a full-time Starbucks partner and has been awarded ‘Partner of the Quarter’ for two quarters in a row. Being part of Starbucks, Romeo was inspired to go after bigger dreams and is now saving up and working hard to study law. While Romeo dreams of becoming a lawyer in the future, he also loves working as a partner because each day gives him the opportunity to meet new people. 
“Masaya ako sa Starbucks kasi bawat araw, ‘yung makakaharap niyo sa register or ‘yung gagawin niyong drink ay para sa ibang tao. Habang nagiging barista ako, gusto kong gumawa ng kape para sa iba kasi gusto ko ‘yung kape nila maging special. Sabi nga ng store manager ko, dapat ‘yung customer hindi lang sa kape natin bumabalik, kundi sa kung paano natin sila kinakausap or ‘yung connection natin sa kanila. So, lalo akong naging passionate sa pagiging barista. Ang sarap kasi sa feeling na masarap ‘yung ginagawa mong kape para sa iba [I’m happy at Starbucks because every day, I face new people at the register and each drink I make is for a different person. As a barista, I like making coffee for other people because I enjoy making each cup special for them. As our store manager said, customers should not just return because of our coffee but also because of how we interact with them and our connection with them.  So, I became more passionate in my craft as a barista. It’s such a fulfilling feeling when you know that you’ve made delicious coffee for others],” he shared.
Just like Romeo, Clariza Capili also enjoys meeting and connecting with customers and shares that one of the most memorable lessons she has learned from was to always smile. “So, ‘yung memorable sa ’kin sa Starbucks is ‘yung laging naka-smile kasi. Sa Starbucks kasi kailangan mo mag-connect, doon din namin nade-develop ‘yung mga ibang customer na nagiging friends na namin. Kapag pumapasok ka, ang saya lang [So, what’s memorable for me about Starbucks is how we always smile. At Starbucks, we have to connect, and that’s how we develop relationships with our customers who eventually become our friends. Whenever you step into the store, it’s always so happy],” she said.
Despite going through tough times after her father’s death, Clariza always found a way to smile through it and stay strong. Now, Clariza will be the first to graduate in her family with the help of the HOUSE Foundation and continues to make them proud as she works hard as a Starbucks partner.
Though coming from different walks of life, the paths of these inspiring partners have crossed at the HOUSE Foundation and now at Starbucks. Starbucks has strived to be an enabler of moments of connection every day and now it has brought together these partners where they eventually found a family, not only at the HOUSE Foundation but also in their new Starbucks homes.

American Idol premieres March 4th on ETC

American Idol is again in search of the next superstar! Philippine #AIONETC fans can catch the inspiring journey starting Monday, March 4 via satellite at 6PM with a primetime encore at 8PM. Watch ETC to see the first crop of Idol hopefuls audition for their shot at a ticket to Hollywood. The cross-country audition tour will move forward with an all-new episode on Thursday, March 7, rounding out a talent-filled premiere week. New 2-hour episodes will continue on ETC every Monday and Tuesday weekly with via satellite and primetime encore episodes airing back-to-back.
Helping to find the next singing sensations are music industry legends and all-star judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. Emmy-winning producer Ryan Seacrest will also return as host, and famed multimedia personality Bobby Bones will take on the role of in-house mentor. 
Stay tuned for American Idol All-Star Duets with guest appearances from artists such as Jason Mraz, Julia Michaels, Lukas Graham, Elle King, and Shaggy.
Tune in starting March 4 at 6 PM on ETC to find out who will be the next American Idol. Join the conversation at #AIonETC! For all American Idol updates and happenings, tag ETC on, on Twitter and Instagram via @etc_channel, and log on to

Relationships and dating in the digital age: Can we trust someone using just our phones?

“Why weren’t you answering your phone?!”
This is probably one of those lines that we fear the most coming from our significant other. What’s another one, you ask? Try replacing ‘answering your phone’ with ‘replying to my messages’ and you get the picture. While this might be a simple scenario, this is also one example of how miscommunication (or no communication) can ruin or nurture a relationship. And one of the solutions to this problem might just already be in your pocket.
See, the mobile phone has come a long way from being just a calling and texting device. It is a full-fledged communication powerhouse that has become an extension of ourselves. A few decades ago, not being able to answer your phone meant probably not hearing it ring or having low battery. Nowadays, not getting back to someone means you probably ignored that person on purpose.
B.S. (Before Smartphones)
But it wasn’t always like this. Two decades ago, back in the ancient times that is 1999, mobile phones were reserved for either the businessman, the ultra-rich, or the ultra-geek. While it has started to be more of a common sight thanks to the then-industry leader Nokia (right??), it was still mostly seen as a luxury rather than a necessity.
“Back then, communicating remotely was still an abstract concept, something that seems like we don’t really need,” says Karel Holub, Chief Argonaut of Argomall, a Filipino online retailer platform that sells over 500 authentic and genuine phones from dozens of brands. “So even though the mobile phone is actually a momentous invention, it didn’t affect how we went about with our daily lives, at least not yet at the time.”
Dating back then, consequently, was still done by way of the good, old “I’ll pick you up at 7pm and let’s go to the movies”. There were no Facetime, WhatsApp, or FB Messenger to replace our conversations. We actually need to plan ahead and just have to talk to our partner the entire time. Imagine that.
Going digital
The advent of the new millennium, however, saw a momentous shift. In just a few, short years, the mobile phone graduated from a “nice-to-have” to “can’t-live-without.” The way we used mobile phones started changing as well as the texting craze took over. We courted through text, we got into relationships through text, and we even broke up through text (calls were still expensive at the time.)
While mobile phones are plenty useful already in and of itself, the truly seismic change came when it evolved into what we now call as the smartphone. With infinitely more features, it transformed the smartphone into a full-fledged communication tool.
“After a seemingly slow start, the way smartphones changed our lives was nothing short of incredible. It literally changed how humans acted in just a few short years,” shares Holub, who also has more than 20 years of professional experience in the mobile phone industry.  
This seismic shift allowed us to be more in touch with our loved ones. Now, we can talk to our family members abroad whenever we want, work remotely, and of course, be much closer to our partner than ever before through video calls. It’s like we’re always with them, right?
Well, not quite. See, along with the countless innovations came the new cultural problems. Digital communication allowed people to skip the face-to-face meetings, which meant that certain nuances of human communication such as the slightest change in facial expressions are a lot harder to see and feel, which made trust and authenticity a huge issue. How can you trust someone you’re talking to if you’re not physically with them?
“Smartphone rules”
It starts off with realizing that digital messaging and chatting cannot replace actual, physical communication. While we can meet people through Tinder, Grindr, and other apps, we cannot sustain relationships without ever actually being with your partner. Digital communication is a tool to augment our communication efforts, not the main platform.
If we have managed to build trust with our partners in the physical world, then we would need to agree on specific guidelines in the digital world as well. Does your girlfriend like using lots of emojis or is she more of a full sentence then a period type of girl? Does he like video calls or just voice calls? Every relationship is different, so talk it out with your partner and agree on your “smartphone rules”.
Also, make sure that the smartphones you’re both using are authentic and reliable. The last thing you need is your knock-off phone dying on you during a call. Only buy authentic phones in trusted online retailers like, which offers an invoice, Philippine warrant, and an official receipt for all purchases.
While there are quite a few challenges when it comes to building trust and authenticity in the age of digital communication, it is no doubt one of humankind’s greatest innovations. And if used properly, it can also take your relationship to even greater heights. Just always remember to charge your phone.

Argomall predicts 2019 smartphone tech scene

2018 brought us new innovations in tech that we didn’t think was possible years ago. While we’re grateful for all the boost that the last year brought, 2019 has even more exciting tech news and updates that await every smartphone enthusiast. Filipino online retailer, shares some of their predictions:
Farewell, bezels!
If you’re familiar with the tech-paranoia anthology Black Mirror, chances are you’ve already seen their smartphones which flaunt literally an all-screen display. 2019 might see the same display setup, since the tech scene has seen enough of different types of notches last year.
This year, we’re seeing more smartphone brands following what Chinese smartphone manufacturers Oppo and Vivo did — smartphones with simple, bezel-less, and a real all-screen display.
Eye Catchers
Apart from being excited about smartphones with real all-screen displays this 2019 we can also look forward to seeing foldable screens. This is in addition to the already existing dual display technology. And since more screen means less space to put different hardware, upcoming smartphones will carry face unlock technology and in-display fingerprint unlocking.
Longer stamina
As we’ve mentioned, 2019 will be about bigger screens, which equates to the need for bigger battery capacity. So we expect more smartphones with even larger stamina which can be fueled faster and more efficiently since fast charging technology is also expected to become mainstream this year.
Amazing Connection
Micro-USB connectors will be a thing of the past because with fast-charging technology taking the limelight, USB-C ports and Bluetooth will be the standard for most smartphones. With Apple introducing wireless listening with the iPhone 7, 3.5mm jacks will also become extinct to bring Android users the same music experience.
Stronger internals
Smartphone manufacturers are sure to bring better configurations in terms of the internals. With Android obviously the dominant name for operating systems, smartphone manufacturers will bring more attention to regular android updates. We also expect heightened security to reach consumers since 5G rollout is slated to commence late this year, although this will not yet be a main consideration for purchase.
The battle for the top spot in the smartphone department will benefit consumers even more, since this will mean that more brands are compelled to bring devices that are competitive despite an affordable price. With this, upcoming smartphones tagged at sub-PhP 10,000 are expected to carry an onboard storage of up to 128GB and even more. For the high-end smartphone department, it is very likely that we’ll be seeing smartphones concealing 10GB of RAM, and who knows, by the end of this year, we’ll also be welcoming smartphones running on 12GB of memory. Entry-level and low-end smartphones, on the other hand, are most likely to carry 3GB of RAM out of the box, from the usual 2GB of RAM.
Asian companies will also remain to be the top players in the smartphone market, with Chinese firms bringing more powerful chipsets to the market. However, with even more players entering the competition to remove chipset dependence on Qualcomm, we’re expecting more fast processors sold at lower price points.
Oh Snap!
With smartphone cameras clicking essential breakthroughs every year, we expect the year 2019 to be another year for camera-centric devices. With most manufacturers competing on how many cameras a device can hold, expect more smartphones to carry more than five cameras around second half of 2019.
Your smartphone right at your wrist
Another thing to watch out for this year is the emergence of wearables, particularly smartwatches. While most of these devices were introduced for fitness functions, this year, smartwatches are expected to deliver more, making them extensions of your smartphone. We’re looking forward to see more smartwatches that allow answering calls, quick message and email replies, and basically every simple thing that can be done using smartphones.
Start the year right
For consumers, it is always important to always seek for a worthy purchase no matter what the trend is. With e-commerce becoming a widely-used means of purchasing goods, every consumer must have a trustworthy go-to online store.
With a strong value for consumer trust and authenticity, Argomall is an online shopping hub which sell only authentic smartphones from brand manufacturers and official distributors. All products bought from Argomall always come with an official Philippine warranty, invoice, and receipt.
Established by its innovative founders in November 2015, was born out of a creative dream by Filipino-owned conglomerate Transnational Diversified Group to deliver trustworthy and efficient solutions to the discerning Filipino tech shopper.
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