Vivo V17Pro with Fast Charging is the smartphone that will change your life

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a smartphone is a must-have appendage to keep up with one’s daily grind. But one feature that rarely takes the spotlight, yet very much deserves it, is Fast Charging.
Go-getters would know that the last thing that they want is for their smartphone to slow them down. And the best smartphone of choice to date, that will be up and running as you are is the Vivo V17Pro.
Powered with 4,100 mAh battery, the V17Pro guarantees a long battery life despite multi-app use. This means that one can enjoy a reliable phone that is versatile enough for quick document work, incessant communications via messaging apps, constant browsing, and even games, without it dying on you just after a few hours.
The Fast charging feature is the life hack you need, especially if your mantra is Rest and Reset. It’s most important to have a phone that will only require as little time to reset as you are if you’re the image of up-and-about.

Shoot beyond limits with Vivo V17 Pro dual front camera, exclusive selfie apps

The mobile phone market has been focusing more and more on their camera game over the last few years and has made leaps in advancements that we no longer even need a separate camera for daily events and travels. 
In recent years, advancements in optics technology and software development have given birth to front-facing cameras that offer better resolution and image quality, as well as AI-enhanced photography apps. These, in turn, have transformed selfie shooting, from a mere trend, to a skill, even an artform.
Today, companies like Vivo, are taking the lead in pioneering technology that enhances the smartphone experience. This includes taking selfie shooting to new and higher levels.
Just a few months after unveiling its V15 Pro with the world’s first 32MP elevating selfie camera and an AI triple rear camera, the leading global technology company has already launched V17 Pro, the second flagship smartphone in its V series of mid-range smartphones.
Now, improving from its predecessor, the V17 Pro boasts of another world’s first, an exclusive pair of front cameras—a 32MP main camera with f/2.0 aperture and 8MP 105-degree super-wide-angle camera—which ensures clearer and fuller selfies, in whatever environment.
Much like the V15’s selfie optics, the V17 Pro’s dual front cameras are tucked behind the smartphone’s notch-less Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display, nestled in a wide pop-up mechanism that elevates as quickly as it retracts.
With the premium smartphone’s dual elevating selfie camera, users will never need selfie sticks to capture “groufies” or the splendid panoramic view behind them. All they have to do is access the super-wide-angle camera and “shoot beyond limits”.
For nighttime selfies, the front camera gets ample support from Selfie Softlight that lights up dark images and an exclusive Super Night Selfie mode which captures and combines multiple frames into one image to make one’s face stand out, especially in low-light conditions.
There is also a “Pose Master” feature which suggest several poses to match various photo scenes and backgrounds, to make one’s selfies even more creative.
Aside from its elevating dual selfie camera and AI powered and enhanced selfie apps, the V17 Pro also boasts of AI quad rear cameras—48MP main camera, 8MP super wide-angle, 2MP bokeh, and 2MP super macro camera—which can capture super macro images from a distance of just 4 cm., and super wide clear images, even in dark surroundings.
A selfie (right) using the Vivo V17 Pro’s Super Wide-Angle camera captures a fuller background, compared to a typical selfie.

MMFF 2019 final four entries complete line-up announced, Culion vs Mindanao possibly up for Best Picture

Highly pressured to surpass last year’s all-time high box office record of more than 1.0 billion ticket sales, this year’s edition of Metro Manila Film Festival just announced the final four entries that complete the annual holiday festival of commercially viable films. MMFF will run until January 7, 2020.
Completing the Magic 8 are 5) CULION (Alvin Yapan) starring Iza Calzado, Meryll Soriano, Jasmine Curtis, Joem Bascon, Nico Locco, Mike Liwag; 6) MINDANAO (by Duterte enabler Brillante Mendoza – ed) starring Judy Ann Santos and Allen Dizon, 7) WRITE ABOUT LOVE (Crisanto Aquino) starring Rocco Nacino, Miles Ocampo;  and 8) 3POL TROBOL, HULI KA BALBON (Rodel Nacianceno) starring Coco Martin, Ai-Ai Delas Alas, and Jennylyn Mercado
Mindanao, Juday, and Brillante

Duterte enabler (ed) Brillante Mendoza‘s Mindanao was recently screened at the Busan International Film Festival to a rousing early acclaim. Screen Daily gave it a glittering review, “This is not a film which leaves any emotional button unpushed. The film’s main asset is the presence of actress Judy Ann Santos, who is luminous in the role of the mother, Saima. Santos’ considerable star power domestically and elsewhere should boost the film’s commercial prospects. That said, international audiences may struggle to unpick the picture’s message, and may find the rather overbearing use of terminal cancer in a four-year-old as a device a tad manipulative.”
Culion, the return of the historical epic period drama
A period drama from the comebacking Alvin Yapan, which is also executive produced by its lead actress Iza Calzado, has quite made a buzz in the past week. Expect more about this film very soon.
First four

It can be recalled that the MMFF selection committee revealed its first four entries last July, including 1)  Miracle in Cell #7, a family drama directed by Nuel Naval and starring Aga Muhlach and Bela Padilla (originally, Nadine Lustre who backed out recently due to medical reasons), 2) Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity, a family comedy directed by Linnet Zurbano and starring Vic Sotto and Maine Mendoza, 3) The Mall, The Merrier (aka Momalland), a fantasy movie directed by Barry Gonzales and starring Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis, and 4) Sunod (which replaced the Kris Aquino-starrer Kampon) a film directed by Carlo Ledesma starring Carmina Villaroel and Mylene Dizon. These entries are purportedly selected based on the submitted scripts. The final four entries are chosen based on the finished product. Also, in July, a “second MMFF” was proposed by MMFF Executive Committee Member Senator and the president’s ongoing aide (ed) Bong Go. It has been announced today that MMFF Summer Edition will take place starting 2020. 
Notable exclusions

ISA PANG BAHAGHARI (Joel Lamangan) starring Nora Aunor, Phillip Salvador, and Michael De Mesa failed to make the cut, which is quite a shocker as this has been hyped since its inception. 
Eclipsing artistry

Originally, Metro Manila Film Festival was a 9-day film event to commemorate the third year of Martial Law. The Augusto Buenaventura-megged/Joseph Estrada-starrer Diligin Mo ng Hamog ang Uhaw na Lupa won the first ever festival Best Picture. MMFF is also said to have ignited more the film rivalry between Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos, which reached its tipping point when the former won the singular Best Performer award at the 1978 MMFF edition for Eddie Garcia’s Atsay.
Through the years, the MMFF has earned the ire of critics and cineastes for being just another platform for big commercial films to lord over the audiences and box office, thereby eclipsing the artistic and creative merits of more deserved submissions.   It should be noted and cannot be denied that MMFF also ushered in the Second Golden Age of Philippine Cinema when films like Lupita Concio’s Minsa’y isang Gamu-Gamo, Eddie Romero’s Ganito Kami Noon Paano Kayo Ngayon, Lino Brocka’s Insiang were produced and submitted to the 1976 MMFF edition, sweeping all the awards.
However, in 1983, on its 9th edition, MMFF started getting controversial for their decisions when Lino Brocka (“Hot Property”) lost the Best Director award to Willy Millan “Bago Kumalat ang Kamandag.” And it was further degraded, when the quartet of thespians from Marilou Diaz-Abaya’s seminal classic film Karnal, including Phillip Salvador, Vic Silayan, Charito Solis, and Cecille Castillo received zero-wins.
MMFF has always been marred by controversies, if not completely disgraces. While a surprise upset is sometimes a welcome retuning (Baldo Marro winning both Best Actor and Best Director for Patrolman in 1988), it also stirred a defeating thought when the selected entries could not even be half-digested to merit a default victory (all four major awards were deemed unbestowable among the 1994 finalists).  On the other hand, as “open-mindedness” was given a slight chance to arrest the pressure and clamor that previous “basura” editions had garnered, an “indie-only” week was given to the very well-reviewed 2016 edition. However, the abysmally low-turnout was deemed attributable to this sudden “audacity” which prompted the next year’s edition to return to its traditional “qualification.”
From Nora, Brocka, to Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda movies have already been synonymous to MMFF top-grossing comedy, regardless of their dubious artistry. This year, the “unkabogable” star, is bannering yet another surefire comic-hit with the fantasy movie The Mall, The Merrier to be directed by Barry Gonzales (Fangirl Fanboy, Fantastica). The Showtime main host will team up with co-host, Anne Curtis.
Back in the day, MMFF means you either are rooting for a Nora movie or a Brocka-directed melodrama. Both legendary in their respective cinematic departments, Aunor and Brocka had fielded numerous entries through the years. But as Brocka passed in 1991, and Aunor in the twilight of her box-office career – MMFF has not, unfortunately, become a free-for-all ball, not just for the stars, but mostly in essence a competition among studio film producers. While independent film productions, once in a while, would make the cut – it is curious to state that supposedly even a laissez-faire like MMFF could not afford in their mandate to protect them to play the fair game. 

MMFF 2019 Final Four to be revealed Wednesday; Culion hangs on for a much deserved slot

The last four finalists for the annual Metro Manila Film Festival will have been revealed by Wednesday, although the selected ones may be informed as early as this afternoon. One of the strongest contenders is touted to be the most important film of the year, which is literally a comeback of huge proportions for many aspects of production. Having been embroiled in a sticky controversy a few years back, writer and director Alvin Yapan banners a translation to the screen of a Ricky Lee screenplay of the historical drama, Culion. It is about the forgotten period in Philippine history when a small island town in Palawan became a leprosarium which earned a sort of infamy and a transitory migration of colonial rule in the country. A few weeks back, Culion has already gathered quite a stir of polemics when actor-in-hiatus John Lloyd Cruz voiced out his frustrations over the term “comeback” as he maintained that his appearance in the film is just a small cameo, while the filmmakers insisted his participation is very vital to the story.
To address both their excitement and concerns of clarification, producers Gillie Sing and Shandii Bacolod hosted a small dinner presscon at the posh Novotel in Araneta City attended by select members of the media. Presented are the real main draws of the film – its three main actors. Mike Liwag, Nico Locco, and Joem Bascon enthusiastically dined and talked with the press relating personal and professional matters relating to their major contribution to the film.
Mike Liwag, whom after strings of leading roles in short films and minor supporting roles in films, will take on his biggest break in years. He related that the film challenged him physically and emotionally that taking a month-long break was necessary to recuperate. Liwag shared that after years of trying and hoping his huge arsenal of talents will be enough has realized that projects came pouring in only after improving his physique and carefully taking control of what he posts on his social media accounts. He is now being noticed as a major hunk in the making. Liwag, who is also a theater veteran, also dabbles in modeling.
Nico Locco, an international male fashion figure, quite made a fodder of viral notoriety when he was entangled in a love-scorned affair with an ex-flame, a celebrity herself. Originally identified as Nico Fowler, he is an Italian-Canadian part-time actor from the USA who made a huge leap to the Philippines and became a toast of local advertisement industry. Locco is also an in-demand events host. He plays an American soldier in Culion.
Award-winning actor Joem Bascon revealed to DLIST.PH exclusively that he has unending faith to the team-up of producer Bacolod and filmmaker Yapan and is very much willing to do more films with them regardless of controversies and differing public opinions. Bascon was the lead actor of Oro, an MMFF finalist in 2016. In Culion, Bascon plays the husband of lead actress Iza Calzado. He revealed that he shared many intimate moments with the versatile actress in the film as their characters remained steadfast into building their family in spite of their shared afflictions.
Producer Gillie Sing talked to DLIST.PH and raised her concerns about the chances of Culion making it to the MMFF final four. A housewife and mother of three children, Sing invested well to create iOptions Ventures which hopefully will produce more independent films after the projected maiden success of Culion.
Executive Producer Shandii Bacolod, who is one of Manila’s fashionable celebrities, a producer and filmmaker in her own right, is in-between movie projects and other media endeavors.
“Culion is very special to me. It’s also my comeback to the MMFF, and what huge tasks I had to undertake to mount this monumental period drama that will become a perfect reminder for all of us why we make movies to the service of the Filipino audiences,” Bacolod shared. 

UE CFAD films make waves here and abroad

Article by Seymour Barros-Sanchez 
Student films from the University of the East College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design are gradually making their presence felt in the international and local film arena.
This year, “Yero” (Corrugated Galvanized Iron) won Best Short Documentary at the third 21 Islands International Short Film Festival in New York. The 13-minute documentary also competed recently at the 21st Ismailia International Film Festival for documentary and short films in Egypt and is part of the official selection of the exground filmfest 32 in Germany from November 15 to 24.
A final project for the video production class under Prof. Richard Legaspi, it reveals the harsh conditions inside a corrugated-iron recycling factory, as seen through the life of two workers, Armando Bucog and Rowil Galicia. UE CFAD Advertising Arts graduates John Lanbert Rafols, Jay Condeno and John Nico Nunag documented the daily struggle of the workers inside the hazardous environment, as they scavenge through metal scraps without safety tools or protection for themselves from persistent hazards and imminent danger.
“Yero” also vied for honors at the 30th Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Video or Gawad Alternatibo at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and at the 6th Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition or Nabifilmex 6 in Compostela Valley.
Meanwhile, “How the Beasts Got Hyped” by Elvin Jay Macanlalay, Bryan Marticio and Mars Sanchez was part of the official selection of the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival in India, the Kinolikbez X Documentary Film Festival in Russia, the first Philippine International Film Festival in Korea, the 17th Hyperfest International Student Film Festival in Romania, the AFFF Athens Fashion Film Festival in Greece, the Lift-Off Global Network – First time Filmmaker Sessions in the United Kingdom, and the 2019 Music Shorts Film Festival in the USA. Like “Yero,” it also competed at Nabifilmex 6 and 30th Gawad Alternatibo, among others.
The documentary, also a final project under Prof. Legaspi’s class, focuses on the daily routine of “hypebeasts” or people who are “beasts” (obsessed) about the “hype” (in fashion) and their mutual interest in street-style fashion, which provides a sense of community among its followers. Originally focused on showing the day-to-day activities of a group of eccentric kids, it has evolved to become a story that recognizes the importance of collective identity, camaraderie and solidarity in the face of animosity, or just simply rediscovering a lost freedom.
Another UE entry, the animated film “Maling Akala: Ang Misteryo ng Unamuno” by Macanlalay and Arvileen Yongzon, has been recently nominated in AnakTV’s Sinebata 2019. Produced by Piko Productions as a requirement for Prof. Ronwell Bacani’s class, the five-minute animation takes on a legendary Philippine mythical creature named Bungisngis and a mischievous child named Ron Ron, as they journey through the woods after a calamity hits their village, Unamuno. Their paths cross and they go on an adventure together.
“Maling Akala” also vied for awards at Nabifilmex, Gawad Alternatibo, the student category of Pagwanawanan Film Festival, second Manila Student Film Festival, Recoletos Film Festival, 11th Philippine Animation Festival or Animahenasyon 11, and CineKasimanwa: The Western Visayas Film Festival. It was also exhibited at the Sinehan sa Summer 2019 in New York and is one of the 20 finalists in the open category of the 6th Urduja Film Festival in Pangasinan this month.
“Yero,” “How the Beasts Got Hyped,” “Maling Akala” and “Dumbo,” another animated film project under Prof. Bacani’s class, represented UE in the first Cinestudyante Film Festival at Santolan Town Plaza from September 25 to October 1.
“Dumbo” is directed by Jonica “Nica” Aque based on the story and character design by Ariane Semana, produced by Zyon Kierulf, edited by Kim Bautista, production design by Charl Cercado Poyaoan and cinematography by Jessa Victoriano and Matthew Bautista Adolfo. A short traditional animation about a kid who unknowingly becomes depressed from feeling left out, alone and from having inattentive parents, which are too much for him to bear, it was also nominated at AnakTV’s Sinebata 2019.
Another UE student work, Rexie Robles Tamayo’s “Mga Bangkang Papel sa Sapang Delubyo” will compete in the short film category of the 26th Annual Filipino International Cine Festival or FACINE in San Francisco, California on October 26. The short film revolves around Tutoy, a naïve child with a penchant for Greek mythology, who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a tragedy and feuding siblings.

Culion vies for MMFF 2019 slot as John Lloyd Cruz screeches a surprise comeback

Segregation and Culion Leper Colony
Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s Disease, is a long-term infection by the bacteria called “Mycobacterium leprae or Mycobacterium lepromatosis.” This Infection often causes damage of the nerves, respiratory tract, skin, and eyes – which in effect a person loses the ability to feel pain. A person afflicted often feels weakened and complains poor eyesight.
By the time of American occupation, there had been 1,500 annual cases of leprosy in the country.  To arrest this health crisis with no effective treatment yet established, the colonial government’s immediate solution is isolation.
After a long and careful search for the most suitable leprosarium to initiate the segregation via the Philippine Commission Act 1711, more than 370 patients arrived on the island of Culion, in Palawan to start living in an institutionalized remedial segregation amidst the resistance of the locals and the patients themselves. Knowing the Americans’ inherent proclivity to public relations, they would send out agents to socialize the image of Culion and its inhabitants. After 30 years, with the advancement of treatments, Culion saw the decline of its population.
From Apartness to Belongingness
In 2018, the Culion Museum and Archives was officially nominated by the Philippines in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register – if considered, it will be the fifth internationally recognized documentary heritage of the Philippines, which could increase Culion town’s achievability to become a world heritage site.
Culion – The Movie
Culion, which is produced by iOptions Ventures and Team MSB under the very controversial and multifaceted Shandii Bacolod, is world premiering its Official Teaser Trailer today, September 30. In an effort to reach out its full intentions to participate to the characteristically mass-oriented Metro Manila Film Festival in December, Culion held a Grand Media Launch at the illustrious Holiday Inn Galleria at the Ortigas Business District. The launch was attended by its main actors Iza Calzado Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Meryll Soriano, Suzette Ranillo, Joem Bascon, Nico Fowler, VJ Mendoza, and Mike Liwag, among others. Ms Gillie Sing is the Executive Producer. 
Culion, following the timeline of the leprosarium’s decline between the mid-1940s and before the Japanese Occupation, was translated to the screen from a script by award-winning writer and mentor Ricardo F Lee. This grandiose period drama is the comeback project of filmmaker/professor Alvin Yapan. Culion is being distributed by Viva Entertainment. 
Bacolod relates, “I honestly believe that the purpose of this film is to make everyone remember a forgotten story. More than a tragedy, Culion is a story of human spirit, resilience and triumph.”
Here’s the synopsis:

This is as much the story of three women as it is the story of Culion. In the 1940s, Anna, Doris and Ditas are three leper patients who live in Culion at a time when the disease is practically a life sentence. No cure has yet been found, and no one is allowed to leave. You live and die there. It is why the place is called the Land of the Living Dead.
Anna never loses hope that soon a cure will be found, even when her baby is taken away from her. Doris believes in the myth that a beautiful diwata will soon heal the place. Ditas keeps attempting to kill herself, helpless against the onslaught of memories from the outside world. Together the three friends try to negotiate a life of stigma that seesaws between hope and despair, redefining their roles as women, mother, friend, and human being. In the end they prove that neither disease nor death can erase their humanity and their capacity to endure.

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s the halting shocker of a comeback cameo:

Dreamanila International Film Festival to be held May 2020

The Dreamanila International Film Festival seeks to introduce audiences to diverse, independent, and contemporary films from around the world. The Second Annual festival will be a three-day event showcasing the intercontinental works of filmmakers from all over the world. Panel discussions, guest speakers, film production and screenwriting workshops, and networking events are expected to boost the festival’s overall attendance. 
There will be a networking event with cocktails and appetizers, which will feature an advanced screening of a prestigious independent film. All three-day programs will host short and feature-length film screenings and a special film industry guest will be invited to conduct a panel discussion.
There will also be screenwriting and filmmaking workshops, another panel discussion, award presentation,  and after-party on its final day. The projected dates are May 22-24, 2019. Final venues and city-host will be announced soon. The expected overall attendance is 500-1,500.
Founder and Festival Director Archie Del Mundo said that Dreamanila does not just exist to provide screening venues, but it also fosters creative and professional support to masters and emerging filmmakers to showcase their films to the world with the purest and most creative visions and intentions. The Festival features a host of screenings, symposium panels, educational programs and workshops, Q&A portions, and marketing and distribution assistance.
Del Mundo added, “Manila, as the Philippines’ most exciting historical capital, will provide sociocultural exchange of ingenuity, concepts, and market-building potentials for cultural artists and workers. Dreamanila will guarantee a conducive place for audiences and filmmakers to engage with one another.”
 In 2018, the founding edition of Dreamanila International Film Festival showcased over 30 films – 15 shorts and 15 films – both screened live and online among jurors and attendees at the then newly installed CBRC Dream Theater in Espana, Manila. This year, Dreamanila will be projected and carpet-rolled in its new home.  Film scholar and microcinema programmer Jerrick David will be the Overall Program Manager.
Tapped as the Creative and Marketing Director, filmmaker and entrepreneur Charliebebs Gohetia, whose film competed last year, made a throwback to the inaugural film event. “Filmmakers from USA to Iran, and as far and as exotic as Nigeria to homeland Philippines participated last year. On our 2nd edition, we intend to triple our selections and multiply our venues with the help of sponsors and hosts.”
Award winning filmmaker Joselito Altarejos assumed the position of Head Programmer and Cultural Exchange Director. He shares, “the heart of the Festival continues to beat in order to establish a wider reach in discovering more independent filmmakers with ardency of collective, fundamental, and original visions. We will greatly appreciate your support so this massive and significant endeavor can push through with its advocacies.”
 The Dreamanila International Film Festival offers multilevel sponsorships to individuals and organizations to help support its mission to promote the artistic works of international independent filmmakers and to enhance the arts and culture community in Manila and its nearby cities, and the other regions.

Starbucks’ autumn-inspired beverages are coming our way for a limited time only starting Sep 10

While Pinoys may not experience autumn at home, Starbucks is bringing everyone the smooth and creamy flavors of fall with its brand new beverages that are perfect to enjoy during this cool time of the year. Available for a limited time only starting September 10.
A returning favorite is the Asian Dolce Latte is made with rich shots of premium espresso. However, the added kick to the beverage is the specially-developed sweet dolce sauce which perfectly blends with creamy steamed milk, giving it a rich, velvety texture. For the final touch, the beverage is topped with Turkish coffee grounds.
Giving customers a taste of flavors from all over the world, Starbucks is also taking inspiration from the iconic Irish Cream Coffee by incorporating delicious Irish Cream to two indulgent beverages.  
The Irish Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino® is an instant pick-me-up, crafted with signature Coffee Jelly Frappuccino® infused with Irish Cream, topped with a smooth and rich espresso whipped cream, and dusted with finely ground espresso powder. There’s also the Irish Cream Cold Brew, made with a custom blend of Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, slow-steeped, then topped with a float of Irish Cream, creating a silky smooth coffee experience.
Step into your favorite Starbucks and let each smooth sip of its handcrafted beverages give you the autumn feels! 

Watch the American Idol Performance and Finale Shows Live on Sony Channel

Watch the excitement directly from the US with Sony Channel’s live broadcast of American Idol’s performance and finale result shows this Monday, May 21st (MLA)! After an exciting and unpredictable journey, America has voted for the top three hopefuls who will be performing next week to take this season’s American Idol crown:  
18-year-old Gabby Barrett’s (@gabbybarrett_) magnetic personality and powerhouse vocals have received high praise from the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.
Country singer, Caleb Lee Hutchinson (@calebleemusic) has been the hot favourite this season with his deep, soulful vocals and boyish charms. 
Maddie Poppe (@maddiepoppe), a 20-year-old student who has a very distinct voice, stood out from the rest of the competitors with her unique take on popular songs. 
Watch the live broadcast of the performance show on Monday, May 21 at 8am (7am JKT/BKK) and the finale result show on Tuesday, May 22 at 9am (8am JKT/BKK) on Sony Channel. 
If you can’t get enough of their spectacular performances, tune-in to the encores of the performance show on Monday, May 21 at 6pm (5pm JKT/BKK) and 9.45pm (8:45pm JKT/BKK), and the finale result show on Tuesday May 22 at 6pm (5pm JKT/BKK) and 9:45pm (8:45pm JKT/BKK) 

GAWAD URIAN 2019: Trans Actress makes history as critics finally nominated her for Best Actress

A transgender actress makes history  as the first to be placed  among the Best Actress nominees at the Gawad Urian of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Iyah Mina, a stand-up comedian-turned independent film actress, has been recognized for her performance in the film Mamu: And A Mother Too. It can be recalled that Mimi Juareza, another transgender actress, was nominated instead in the Best Actor category in 2014 for her brilliant performance in Eduardo Roy’s Quick Change. Misgendering, according to Trans rights advocates is considered a form of abuse, discrimination, and attack. Juareza took home three more nominations in the misgendered category and an ironic victory at the Cinemalaya as “Best Actor.” 
According to Health Line,  misgendering can have negative consequences for a transgender person’s self-confidence and overall mental health. The government is primarily pinpointed as guilty of misgendering as they continue to deny issuing trans people IDs listed with their affirmed gender. Healthline continues that the act of willfully misgendering trans people puts them at risk of outing them to people. As explained,  no one has the right or responsibility to expose  a transgender  individual without their expressed consent.  Depending on their desire to be out or not, it’s only their decision to tell the public.
Iyah Mina is nominated along with other cisgender actresses including Ai-Ai delas Alas, School Service; Perla Bautista, Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon; Anne Curtis, Buy Bust/ Sid and Aya; Glaiza de Castro, Liway; Maribeth Fanglayan, Tanabata’s Wife; Celeste Legaspi, Mamang; Nadine Lustre, Never Not Love You; Bela Padilla, Meet Me in St. Gallen; and Pokwang (Marietta Subong), Oda sa Wala.
It can also be remembered that Mina became the first trans woman to win the Best Actress award in the country at the Cinema One Originals in 2018. 
Here are the other films and performances nominated:
Best Picture
  • A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Buy Bust
  • ML
  • Signal Rock
Best Director
  • Whammy Alcazaren, Never Tear Us Apart
  • Keith Deligero, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
    Lav Diaz, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Alec Figuracion, The Eternity Between Seconds
  • Denise O’Hara, Mamang
  • Carl Joseph Papa, Paglisan
  • Chito S. Roño, Signal Rock
  • Erik Matti, BuyBust
  • Benedict Mique, Jr., ML
  • Irene Emma Villamor, Meet Me in St. Gallen
Best Actor
  • Carlo Aquino, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Christian Bables, Signal Rock
  • Dingdong Dantes, Sid and Aya
  • Ketchup Eusebio, Mamang
  • Eddie Garcia, Hintayan ng Langit
  • Eddie Garcia, ML
  • Miyuki Kamimura, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Tony Labrusca, ML
  • Victor Neri, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Dante Rivero, Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon
Best Supporting Actress
  • Pinky Amador, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Bituin Escalante, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Cherie Gil, Citizen Jake
  • Daria Ramirez,Signal Rock
  • Nova Villa, Miss Granny
Best Supporting Actor
  • Arjo Atayde, BuyBust
  • Nonie Buencamino, Citizen Jake
  • Teroy Guzman, Citizen Jake
  • Joel Lamangan, School Service
  • Victor Neri, BuyBust
  • Romnick Sarmenta, Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon
    Lou Veloso, Citizen Jake
Best Screenplay
  • Dwein Baltazar, Gusto Kita with all my Hypothalamus
  • Lav Diaz, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Alec Figuracion,The Eternity Between Seconds
  • Paul Grant, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Erik Matti & Anton Santamaria, BuyBust
  • Benedict Mique, Jr., ML
  • Rody Vera, Signal Rock
  • Irene Emma Villamor, Meet Me in St. Gallen
Best Production Design
  • Popo Diaz, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Michael Espanol & Roma Regala, BuyBust
  • Roy Lachica, Goyo
  • Martin Masadao, Mamang
  • Mark Sabas, Signal Rock
  • Aped Santos, Liway
  • Thesa Tang, Never Tear Us Apart
Best Cinematography
  • Neil Bion, BuyBust
  • Neil Daza, Signal Rock
  • Nap Jamir, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Larry Manda, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Pao Orendain, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Sasha Palomares, Never Tear Us Apart
  • Rommel Sales, The Eternity Between Seconds
Best Editing
  • Gerone Centeno & Tom Estrera, Citizen Jake
  • Keith Deligero & Maria Estela Paiso, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Alec Figuracion, The Eternity Between Seconds
  • Jay Halili, BuyBust
  • Carlo Francisco Manatad, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Carlo Francisco Manatad, Sid and Aya
  • Carlo Francisco Manatad, Signal Rock
  • May-i Guia Padilla, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Mikael Angelo Pestano, ML
Best Music
  • Jake Abella, Aria
  • Pearlsha Abubakar, ML
  • Jamaar Ajero et al, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Kurt Alalag, May-i Guia Padilla & Mark Tan, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Teresa Barrozo, Mamang
  • Teresa Barrozo, Paglisan
  • Malek Lopez & Erwin Romulo, BuyBust
  • Malek Lopez & Erwin Romulo, Never Tear Us Apart
Best Sound
  • Aian Caro, Lamberto Casas, Jr. & Albert Michael Idioma, ML
  • Jason Conanan, Daryl Libongco & Mikko Quizon, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Whannie Dellosa & Steven Vesagas, BuyBust
  • Albert Michael Idioma, Signal Rock
  • Malek Lopez & Erwin Romulo, Never Tear Us Apart
  • Rico Mambo & Angeli Sarmiento, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
Natatanging Gawad Urian: Gloria Sevilla
Gawad Urian  will be held on June 18 at the UPFI Film Center.

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