Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 4-

Part 4: The Verdict (transcript) Republic of the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS COMMISSION National Capital Region Arbitration Branch Quezon City JOHN DALE B. BACAR, ET AL.,Complainants,NLRC CASE NO. NCR-00-06-05501-07 -versus- GAMEPAL INTERNATIONALCORPORATION, ET AL.,Respondents, x—————————————-x RICHELLE N. RAMAS,ET AL.,Complainants,NLRC CASE NO. NCR-00-06-05718-07 -versus- GAMEPAL INCORPORATED/Mr. ERIC SMITH, ET AL.,Respondents, x—————————————-xContinue reading “Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 4-“

Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 3-

Part 3: Case Summary NLRC Case No. NCR-06-05501-07 In this summary of our case against Gamepal International Corporation and the Members of its Board namely Eric Smith, Lars Lien, Kristine Rodrigo and Michelle Marin, the complainants would like to submit a copy of the Contract of Lease dated February 21, 2007 between Greenhills Properties Inc.Continue reading “Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 3-“

Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 2-

Part 2: The Case. One of the cases I filed got assigned to the sala of Arbiter Felipe Pati. This particular case is against the board members of a gaming company that already shut down operations due to the president exiting the country and refusing to send any more funds to continue operations due toContinue reading “Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 2-“

Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 1-

Part 1: “…any employee can go the NLRC and claim illegal dismissal, and the employer has no choice but to spend for legal services to prove otherwise. The employer is presumed guilty, just by the mere say so of the employee.The premise of this rule is that all employees are saints, and all employers areContinue reading “Labor Woes and the NLRC -part 1-“

The Moral Revolution and the Catholic Church

Amid the country’s current political turmoil fueled by the doubtful legitimacy of President Gloria Arroyo to be the country’s chief of staff, her husband’s involvement in a kick-back scandal, accusations of kidnapping and political killings and the endless ping pong of scandals from the opposition and back, the Filipino people composed mainly of Roman CatholicsContinue reading “The Moral Revolution and the Catholic Church”

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