GAWAD URIAN 2019: Trans Actress makes history as critics finally nominated her for Best Actress

A transgender actress makes history  as the first to be placed  among the Best Actress nominees at the Gawad Urian of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Iyah Mina, a stand-up comedian-turned independent film actress, has been recognized for her performance in the film Mamu: And A Mother Too. It can be recalled that Mimi Juareza, another transgender actress, was nominated instead in the Best Actor category in 2014 for her brilliant performance in Eduardo Roy’s Quick Change. Misgendering, according to Trans rights advocates is considered a form of abuse, discrimination, and attack. Juareza took home three more nominations in the misgendered category and an ironic victory at the Cinemalaya as “Best Actor.” 
According to Health Line,  misgendering can have negative consequences for a transgender person’s self-confidence and overall mental health. The government is primarily pinpointed as guilty of misgendering as they continue to deny issuing trans people IDs listed with their affirmed gender. Healthline continues that the act of willfully misgendering trans people puts them at risk of outing them to people. As explained,  no one has the right or responsibility to expose  a transgender  individual without their expressed consent.  Depending on their desire to be out or not, it’s only their decision to tell the public.
Iyah Mina is nominated along with other cisgender actresses including Ai-Ai delas Alas, School Service; Perla Bautista, Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon; Anne Curtis, Buy Bust/ Sid and Aya; Glaiza de Castro, Liway; Maribeth Fanglayan, Tanabata’s Wife; Celeste Legaspi, Mamang; Nadine Lustre, Never Not Love You; Bela Padilla, Meet Me in St. Gallen; and Pokwang (Marietta Subong), Oda sa Wala.
It can also be remembered that Mina became the first trans woman to win the Best Actress award in the country at the Cinema One Originals in 2018. 
Here are the other films and performances nominated:
Best Picture
  • A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Buy Bust
  • ML
  • Signal Rock
Best Director
  • Whammy Alcazaren, Never Tear Us Apart
  • Keith Deligero, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
    Lav Diaz, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Alec Figuracion, The Eternity Between Seconds
  • Denise O’Hara, Mamang
  • Carl Joseph Papa, Paglisan
  • Chito S. Roño, Signal Rock
  • Erik Matti, BuyBust
  • Benedict Mique, Jr., ML
  • Irene Emma Villamor, Meet Me in St. Gallen
Best Actor
  • Carlo Aquino, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Christian Bables, Signal Rock
  • Dingdong Dantes, Sid and Aya
  • Ketchup Eusebio, Mamang
  • Eddie Garcia, Hintayan ng Langit
  • Eddie Garcia, ML
  • Miyuki Kamimura, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Tony Labrusca, ML
  • Victor Neri, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Dante Rivero, Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon
Best Supporting Actress
  • Pinky Amador, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Bituin Escalante, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Cherie Gil, Citizen Jake
  • Daria Ramirez,Signal Rock
  • Nova Villa, Miss Granny
Best Supporting Actor
  • Arjo Atayde, BuyBust
  • Nonie Buencamino, Citizen Jake
  • Teroy Guzman, Citizen Jake
  • Joel Lamangan, School Service
  • Victor Neri, BuyBust
  • Romnick Sarmenta, Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon
    Lou Veloso, Citizen Jake
Best Screenplay
  • Dwein Baltazar, Gusto Kita with all my Hypothalamus
  • Lav Diaz, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Alec Figuracion,The Eternity Between Seconds
  • Paul Grant, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Erik Matti & Anton Santamaria, BuyBust
  • Benedict Mique, Jr., ML
  • Rody Vera, Signal Rock
  • Irene Emma Villamor, Meet Me in St. Gallen
Best Production Design
  • Popo Diaz, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Michael Espanol & Roma Regala, BuyBust
  • Roy Lachica, Goyo
  • Martin Masadao, Mamang
  • Mark Sabas, Signal Rock
  • Aped Santos, Liway
  • Thesa Tang, Never Tear Us Apart
Best Cinematography
  • Neil Bion, BuyBust
  • Neil Daza, Signal Rock
  • Nap Jamir, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Larry Manda, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw
  • Pao Orendain, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Sasha Palomares, Never Tear Us Apart
  • Rommel Sales, The Eternity Between Seconds
Best Editing
  • Gerone Centeno & Tom Estrera, Citizen Jake
  • Keith Deligero & Maria Estela Paiso, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Alec Figuracion, The Eternity Between Seconds
  • Jay Halili, BuyBust
  • Carlo Francisco Manatad, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Carlo Francisco Manatad, Sid and Aya
  • Carlo Francisco Manatad, Signal Rock
  • May-i Guia Padilla, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Mikael Angelo Pestano, ML
Best Music
  • Jake Abella, Aria
  • Pearlsha Abubakar, ML
  • Jamaar Ajero et al, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
  • Kurt Alalag, May-i Guia Padilla & Mark Tan, Tanabata’s Wife
  • Teresa Barrozo, Mamang
  • Teresa Barrozo, Paglisan
  • Malek Lopez & Erwin Romulo, BuyBust
  • Malek Lopez & Erwin Romulo, Never Tear Us Apart
Best Sound
  • Aian Caro, Lamberto Casas, Jr. & Albert Michael Idioma, ML
  • Jason Conanan, Daryl Libongco & Mikko Quizon, Meet Me in St. Gallen
  • Whannie Dellosa & Steven Vesagas, BuyBust
  • Albert Michael Idioma, Signal Rock
  • Malek Lopez & Erwin Romulo, Never Tear Us Apart
  • Rico Mambo & Angeli Sarmiento, A Short History of a Few Bad Things
Natatanging Gawad Urian: Gloria Sevilla
Gawad Urian  will be held on June 18 at the UPFI Film Center.

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